Our Philosophy

Here at Black Aesthetics we hold many core values. Among these are the importance of individuality, independence, and self reliance. The notion of the Black Aesthetic is the appreciation of the fact that traits like these lie in the schema of the color black. Black is universal to a degree that no other color is; Black is found more often in nature than green. As far as people go, everyone can wear black. Black is a universally complimenting color, and whether you're tall, short, fat, skinny or you were born in China, Russia, Mexico, Germany, or Africa, you can wear black. 

Black Aesthetics was born in America, a melting pot of every culture there is. For this reason it is in our beliefs and mission to support American industry whenever possible. We choose American made fabrics despite higher costs for our products where it is possible. Products made in America are distinguished in their descriptions.


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